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import sys
import string
import os
import os.path
import getopt
from constants import *

class Preferences:

    def __init__(self, args):
        self.ERROR = 0
        self.HELP_OPTION = 0
        self.IGNORE_HOME = 0
        self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR = None

        # parse options and arguments:
            optlist, _args = getopt.getopt(args[1:], "hi",
                                          ["help", "ignore-home"])
        except getopt.error, msg:
            sys.stderr.write("%s: error: %s\n" % (args[0], msg))
            self.ERROR = 2

        # process options:
        for opt,val in optlist:
            if opt == "-h" or opt == "--help":
                self.HELP_OPTION = 1
            elif opt == "-i" or opt == "--ignore-home":
                self.IGNORE_HOME = 1
                sys.stderr.write("%s: error: unknown option\n" % args[0])
                self.ERROR = 2

        # process arguments:
        if len(_args) > 1:
            sys.stderr.write("%s: error: more than one dir\n" % args[0])
            self.ERROR = 2
        if len(_args) == 1:
            if not os.path.isdir(_args[0]):
                sys.stderr.write("%s: error: %s is not an directory.\n" % \
                                 (args[0], _args[0]))
                self.ERROR = 1
            self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR = _args[0]

        # set the global icewm directory, if not set already:
        if not self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR:
            for dir in ("/etc/X11/icewm",
                if os.path.isdir(dir):
                    self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR = dir

        # get some preferences:
        prefs = self.getPreferences("Theme", "IconPath")
        theme_string = prefs.get("Theme", "")
        slashpos = string.find(theme_string, "/")
        theme = theme_string[1:slashpos]
        iconpath_string = prefs.get("IconPath", "")
        prefs_iconpath = string.split(iconpath_string[1:-1], ":")

        # construct ICONPATH from GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR and PREFS_ICONPATH:
        ip = []
        # 1. append "icons" subdirs in $HOME:
        if not self.IGNORE_HOME:
            self.appendDir(ip, os.path.join(HOME_ICEWM, "themes", theme, "icons"))
            self.appendDir(ip, os.path.join(HOME_ICEWM, "icons"))
        # 2. append "icons" subdirs in global directory:
        if self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR:
            self.appendDir(ip, os.path.join(self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR, "themes", theme, "icons"))
            self.appendDir(ip, os.path.join(self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR, "icons"))
        # 3. append dirs from IconPath preference:
        for dir in prefs_iconpath:
            if dir:
                self.appendDir(ip, dir)
        self.ICONPATH = tuple(ip)

    def getErrorCode(self):
        return self.ERROR

    def getHelpOption(self):
        return self.HELP_OPTION

    def getIgnoreHomeOption(self):
        return self.IGNORE_HOME

    def getIconPaths(self):
        return self.ICONPATH

    def getPreferences(self, *args):
        """getPreferences(string1, string2, ...) -> dict

        Get preferences from either the local or the global preference file.
        At first the global preference file is searched in various standard
        locations. After that, the local preferences file
        $HOME/.icewm/preferences is scanned, overriding the global
        preferences. You may provide a single keyword string or a list of
        keyword strings. Each file is scanned exactly once for the keywords.
        The function returns a dictionary with the keywords as keys and the
        entries from the preferences files as values.

        If ignore_home is true, menu files in $HOME are ignored and only
        global menu files are returned.

        getPreferences("Theme", "IconPath") ->
            { 'Theme' : '"microGUI/default.theme"',
              'IconPath' : '"/usr/local/share/icons:/opt/kde/share/icons"' }
        values = {}
        if self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR:
            global_pref = os.path.join(self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR, "preferences")
            if self.canRead(global_pref):
                for line in open(global_pref).readlines():
                    if not line or line[0] == "#": continue
                    pos = string.find(line, "=")
                    label = string.strip(line[:pos])
                    if label in args:
                        values[label] = string.strip(line[pos+1:])
        if not self.IGNORE_HOME:
            local_pref = os.path.join(HOME_ICEWM, "preferences")
            if self.canRead(local_pref):
                for line in open(local_pref).readlines():
                    if not line or line[0] == "#": continue
                    pos = string.find(line, "=")
                    label = string.strip(line[:pos])
                    if label in args:
                        values[label] = string.strip(line[pos+1:])
        return values

    def getIceWMFile(self, name, for_read_only=1):
        global_file = os.path.join(self.GLOBAL_ICEWM_DIR, name)
        home_file = os.path.join(HOME_ICEWM, name)
        if self.IGNORE_HOME:
            if for_read_only and not self.canRead(global_file):
                return None
                return global_file
            if for_read_only:
                if self.canRead(home_file): return home_file
                if self.canRead(global_file): return global_file
                return None
                return home_file

    def canRead(self, path, file=None):
        if file:
            filename = os.path.join(path, file)
            filename = path
            f = open(filename, "r")
            return 1
        except IOError:
            return 0
        return 0

    def appendDir(self, where, what):
        if os.path.isdir(what):

def test():
    prefs = Preferences()
    print "IconPath:", prefs.getIconPaths()
    print "IceWM uses the following files:"
    print prefs.getIceWMFile("menu")
    print prefs.getIceWMFile("programs")
    print prefs.getIceWMFile("toolbar")
    print prefs.getIceWMFile("keys")

if __name__ == "__main__":

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